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Any person engaged as a legal secretary, legal assistant, law office administrator, stenographer, paralegal, typist or clerk in any law office; any person employed in the courts, trust department of banks or trust companies, or in any public or private institution or office, directly engaged in work of a legal nature, including the public offices of the United States government, state, cities, counties or municipalities is eligible for membership. 


Associate membership is available to educators, judges and attorneys. Student memberships are available to those attending an accredited program relating to work of a legal nature as a "full time" student. 


Members support and abide by the Code of Professional Responsibility of the American Bar Association, as well as the NALS Code of Ethics.



Opportunities for professional and personal development abound when you join NALS of Oregon, a tri-level organization composed of (national) NALS ... the association of legal professionals, (state) NALS of Oregon, and (local) levels.  Each offers professional growth through seminars, quality publications and networking.


By joining NALS of Oregon you have the opportunity to attend local and state association meetings, where you will be exposed to some of the top legal experts in your state.  The purpose of NALS is to provide continuing legal education for all legal professionals and provide networking opportunities at local, state and national levels.  


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The value of membership in NALS of Oregon will benefit you professionally and personally. You have the opportunity to attend local chapter meetings, take advantage of discounted member rates for state seminars, ALP/PLS and Professional Paralegal certification, study courses and reference materials, and national conferences. At NALS conferences, outstanding education is presented by excellent speakers from across the country to address issues of national importance, enlightening NALS members with a national perspective. 


Additionally, the following are included:

            *ALP (Accredited Legal Professional) - the basic certification for legal professionals

            *PLS (Professional Legal Secretary) - the advanced certification for legal professionals

            *Professional Paralegal -advanced certification

Please Email NALS of Oregon Functional Director of Membership regarding membership questions.


Membership Dues

Membership in a local chapter also includes membership in NALS of Oregon and NALS ... the association of legal professionals.   Membership Dues are as follows:

Please contact NALS of Oregon Functional Director of Membership for a breakdown of local, state and national dues.


Applying for NALS Membership

You can apply for NALS membership in several ways:

Please also email a copy of your completed application to:  Rachel Barbour, PLS, Membership Director at:


(Last updated July 5, 2016)