NALS of Lane County Officers


Dawn Lee, PP, CLP
Law Firm of Robert D. Lowry
975 Oak Street, Ste. 790
Eugene, OR 97401

Vice President:

Brandie Davies, CLP, ALP


Darla Sanders
Oregon Law Center, Lane County Legal Aid
376 East 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
P: 541-485-1017, ext. 153
C: 541-357-0169
Email: and/or


Kim Hubbard
Thorp, Purdy, Jewett, et al.
Attorneys at Law
1011 Harlow Dr. Ste. 300
Springfield, OR 97477

Chapter Director:

Elise L’Estrange
Arnold Law
401 E 10th Ave., Ste. 400
Eugene, OR 97401

Functional Director Membership:

Sheri Cook, ALP
Luvaas Cobb
777 Hight St. Ste. 300
Eugene, OR 97401

Functional Director Education:

Charlene Sabini, PP, CLP, ALP
David Vill, PC
767 Willamette St. Ste. 201
Eugene, OR 97401

Functional Director of Support:

Flora McAllister
Law Office of John C. Fisher
767 Willamette St. Ste. 302
Eugene, OR 97401

Functional Director of Board Advisor:

Diana Chin
The Law Office of Richard Potter
360 East 10th Ave. Ste 106
Eugene, OR 97401

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