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NALS of Oregon Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Fund, Inc.) is proud to promote education for students who are preparing themselves for a career as legal support staff.

We will be accepting applications from students interested in pursuing a career as a legal secretary, paralegal, legal assistant, law office administrative staff, court personnel, or other positions traditionally associated with providing services and office support to attorneys.

Student scholarships are awarded at the NALS of Oregon Annual Meeting in April.

Applications will be accepted from students willing to work to achieve the training, education, and professionalism needed to excel as legal support staff.

Student scholarship applications will be posted in October.

Generally, there is a total of $1,000 available for student scholarships.  A determination as to the number of awards and the amounts awarded will depend upon the applications received based upon eligibility, merit, financial need, and ability.

If you have any questions concerning the Student Scholarship Application, please contact Fund, Inc. Director Donna Browning at 541-430-4482 or email



If you are a NALS of Oregon member, scholarship money is available to further your career in the legal field.  Scholarship money may be used for educational purposes including, but not limited to classes, certification, seminars, or related courses of study related to the legal support profession.

Member scholarships are available twice per year, and awarded at the NALS of Oregon Annual Meeting in April and at the NALS of Oregon Fall Board Meeting in September.

The Member scholarship applications are posted in February and July.

For more information about the Member Scholarship Application, please contact Fund, Inc. Director Traci M. Kerian, Certified PP, PLS-SC, MOSM at 503-294-9284 or email


NALS of Oregon Scholarship Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 8226, Portland, OR 97207


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